‘World’s First Blockchain-Based Future Education Platform’

Company Profile

Codemy assigns a monetary value to the data generated by all blockchain participants. We will reward content creators with cryptocurrencies, which are usable not only within the Codemy e-cosystem but also in the real world. This approach, in particular, will enable the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the Third World. Blockchains like ours enable the widespread use of cryptocurrency. The commonality shared among Codemy's mission, values, technology, and business model is to build friendships with all people around the world and make their dreams come true, as well as to promote lifelong education through the use of an appropriate reward system and remedy the conditions of the global village in order to save lives. Codemy will become a model for companies that are involved in such good deeds.

Person looking at blockchain concept on screen as a secured decentralized ledger for crypt