50% is distributed as a reward among platform participants

Coin Distribution

Due to the system design, the maximum number of coins that can be issued is 5 billion. Of the 5 billion coins, 100 million allocated for sale will be issued at the beginning of the service. In terms of the overall ratio, 20% (sales) is sold sequentially through the exchange, 50% is distributed as a reward among platform participants, and the Codemy Foundation owns 15%. Moreover, 2% will remain in the company as a reserve, 5% for those who contributed to the development of the platform and advisors (D&A, Developers & Advisors). 3% of the coins are donated to the underprivileged. Two-thirds of this donation will be given to the Single Mothers Foundation, and the remaining 5% will be used for marketing and other purposes to activate the platform's ecosystem.


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- Bradley Park, CEO
“In his book Digital Ecosystem, Gerard Briscoe defined e-cosystems as “robust, self-organising and scalable architectures that can automatically solve complex, dynamic problems.”